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Common Electromagnetic Disturbances

You have to rule out a number of common reasons that could cause your detector to act erratically.

For instance, if somebody passed the sensor holding a strong permanent magnet, or carrying a quantity of ferrous materials. Or if the sensor is lying close to an electrical line and someone switches electrical power on or off. Placing the sensor close to any electrical device may also cause the detector to react erratically. After eliminating these common terrestrial triggers you may be left with a legitimate event to investigate.

UFO sightings are rare events. So unless you plan to stare at your detector for days, weeks, months or years at a time, you need to automate the process. That’s where our UFO Detector comes in. Our UFO Detector contains a sensitive miniature magnetometer interfaced to a micro-controller that is designed to sense these electromagnetic disturbances. The UFO Detector will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week while plugged in.

Circuit Function

Our microcontroller monitors the amplified signal from a coil inductor which is a magnetometer for any anomalies. When it detects a magnetic anomaly, the microcontroller signals by flashing the 13 LED lights simultaneously and beeping. When the unit is in monitoring mode, the LEDs light in a moving circular pattern around the edge of the circuit board.

UFO Detector Function

When power is applied to the circuit (or reset), the microcontroller waits a second before beginning active scanning of the inductor coil sensor. After the initial second has elapsed the microcontroller signals the LEDs to light in a moving circular pattern and beeps once signaling it’s in detector mode.

The microcontroller continually scans the inductor coil sensor for any changes in the magnetic field. If it detectors an anomaly the detector beeps an alarm and all LEDs blink simultaneously. The alarm will continue until the circuit is reset.

The UFO Detector may be purchased as a kit with all the components ready to be assembled, or completely assembled, tested and ready to go. The kit is less expensive than the assembled version. For anyone wanting to build the kit version, the directions to do so follow.

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